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Th 5/18

7:00 AM 7:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
7:30 AM 7:45 AM Introduction and Welcome
Keynote Lecture
7:45 AM 8:45 AM Reflections on the Role of the ACP in Primary Care
Steven E. Weinberger, MD
Principles of Screening and Prevention
8:45 AM 9:20 AM Which Patients Should be Screened for Genetic Causes of Cancer?*
Nadine M. Tung, MD
9:20 AM 9:30 AM Q&A
9:30 AM 9:45 AM Refreshment Break
9:45 AM 10:20 AM Screening for Lung Cancer: Dealing with Uncertainty
Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD
10:20 AM 10:30 AM Q&A
10:30 AM 11:05 AM Screening and Treatment of Depression
Michael W. Kahn, MD
11:05 AM 11:15 AM Q&A
Healthy Lifestyles Symposium: Changes for Prevention
11:15 AM 11:50 AM Screeming Ethics and Controveries
William Taylor, MD
11:50 AM 12:00 PM Q&A
12:00 PM 1:15 PM Lunch Break (on your own)
1:15 PM 1:50 PM Exercise Prescription: Promoting Physical Activity in You and Your Patients*
Frank J. Domino, MD
1:50 PM 2:00 PM Q&A
Risk Management
Special Lecture
2:00 PM 2:35 PM The Opioid Crisis: Patient Management and Public Health Considerations
Daniel P. Alford, MD, MPH
2:35 PM 2:45 PM Q&A
2:45 PM 3:00 PM Refreshment Break
3:00 PM 3:35 PM Screening for and Prevention of Sleep Apnea
Suzie M. Bertisch, MD, MPH
3:35 PM 3:45 PM Q&A
3:45 PM 4:20 PM Preventing Infections in the World Traveler
Mary T. LaSalvia, MD, MPH
4:20 PM 4:30 PM Q&A
4:30 PM 5:05 PM Strategies for Smoking Cessation: Clinician and Public Health Approaches
Nancy A. Rigotti, MD
5:05 PM 5:15 PM Q&A

F 5/19

7:00 AM 7:30 AM Continental Breakfast
Keynote Lecture
7:30 AM 8:30 AM USPSTF Task Force Aims and Methodologies
Quyen Ngo-Metzger, MD, MPH
Special Lecture
8:30 AM 9:10 AM Hypertension 2017: Recent Evidence that Will Change Your Practice
Gerald W. Smetana, MD, MACP
Cardiovascular Disease Symposium
9:10 AM 9:50 AM Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation
Gerald W. Smetana, MD, MACP
9:50 AM 10:10 AM Refreshment Break
10:10 AM 10:45 AM New Developments in the Management of Hyperlipidemia
Murray A. Mittleman, MD, DrPH
10:45 AM 11:25 AM Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Diabetes*
Martin J. Abrahamson, MD, FACP
11:25 AM 12:00 PM Ask the Experts: Answering Your Cardiovascular Disease Questions
Murray A. Mittleman, MD, DrPH
Martin J. Abrahamson, MD, FACP
Gerald W. Smetana, MD, MACP
Cancer Symposium
12:00 PM 12:40 PM Prevention of Colon Cancer: Does Anything Besides Aspirin Decrease the Risk of Colon Cancer?*
Helen M. Shields, MD, FACP
12:40 PM 1:50 PM Lunch Break (on your own)
1:50 PM 2:25 PM Prostate Cancer: Consideration for Screening and Prevention: Are Either Worthwhile and Achievable?
Marc B. Garnick, MD
2:25 PM 3:00 PM Cervical Cancer Prevention: Is the Pap Smear Obsolete?
Kelly D. Ford, MD
3:00 PM 3:15 PM Cancer Symposium – Panel Discussion I
Marc B. Garnick, MD
Kelly D. Ford, MD
3:15 PM 3:35 PM Refreshment Break
3:35 PM 4:10 PM Prevention Counseling and Screening for Skin Cancer in Office Practice
Arash Mostaghimi, MD
4:10 PM 4:45 PM Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening: What We Know, What We Do and Does it Make Sense?*
Nadine M. Tung, MD
4:45 PM 5:00 PM Cancer Symposium – Panel Discussion II
Arash Mostaghimi, MD
Nadine M. Tung, MD

S 5/20

7:00 AM 7:30 AM Continental Breakfast
Keynote Lecture
7:30 AM 8:30 AM Open Notes
Sigall Bell, MD
Infectious Diseases
8:30 AM 9:05 AM Screening, Prevention and Treatment of HCV: A Shifting Paradigm for Primary Care
Andrew J. Hale, MD
9:05 AM 9:15 AM Q&A
9:15 AM 9:50 AM Zika Virus: What the Primary Care Practitioner Needs to Know*
Howard Libman, MD, FACP
9:50 AM 10:00 AM Q&A
10:00 AM 10:15 AM Refreshment Break
10:15 AM 10:50 AM Vaccine Angst: A Paradigm for Prevention*
Kelly D. Ford, MD
10:50 AM 11:00 AM Q&A
11:00 AM 11:35 AM HIV Prevention: What Else Works Besides Condoms?*
Howard Libman, MD, FACP
11:35 AM 11:45 AM Q&A
11:45 AM 12:30 PM Ask the Experts: Answering Your Infectious Diseases Questions
Kelly D. Ford, MD
Howard Libman, MD, FACP
12:30 PM 12:45 PM Closing Remarks

agenda updated on 4/23/17
* Qualifies for Risk Management Credits