Here is what previous participants had to say:

  • “This was the best course I have attended in 7 years of practice with immediate benefits for my patients as a result of information presented. It reignited my passion for primary care!”
  • “Perhaps overall, the best conference I’ve ever attended in terms of its importance and value to my continued practice of medicine. It’s caused me to not just to think about, but focus on prevention – thank you!”
  • “Overall, outstanding quality of presentations – reputable presenters with obvious superb knowledge in their fields – all able to hold my attention and spark enthusiasm!”
  • “The entire course was exceptional – best course that I have ever attended!!!”
  • “The keynote speakers were outstanding. I was happily surprised on how well organized and thorough the information was in general. The speakers were also very good and keeping it simple and practical. I am very happy I attended the course.”